The Faith Family is focused on experiencing a metamorphic change in 2017. This change is defined as any complete change in appearance, character, circumstances, etc.

The Holy Spirit has spoken “METAMORPHOSIS”. A change so dramatic that everyone will notice it. How are we going to experience such a change? By FAITH.

We must already see our self completely changed and then begin the God inspired instructions to bring it into the sense realm (reality).

By faith we must implement our PLAN TO WIN. Your PLAN TO WIN is a Holy Spirit instructed plan given to you to bring about a desired result.

The PLAN TO WIN can be a scripture from God that inspires you to keep going or a very specific and personal word. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? Grab hold of the Holy Spirit instructions and obey at all cause

Finally, Faith is key to implementing your PLAN TO WIN. For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17), for the just shall live by Faith.

The Holy Spirit gives us instructions that require faith. Failure to accomplish the will of God in our life is because we lack FAITH. It is vital important that we develop our faith.

In 2017, the Faith Family will assist you in developing your faith so you can experience metamorphic change in your life. 

Join the Faith Family and experience a life changing experience.